Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shipyard Brewing Company

Second Stop: Shipyard Brewing Company

Beers: N/A

Hung over from the Maine Brewers Festival and not looking forward to the four plus hour drive home we mustered up the strength to make one more stop, the Shipyard Brewing Company. Shipyard has long been a favorite of mine the variety pack is available here in Vermont in most grocery stores but I usually pick mine up at either the South Burlington Price Chopper or the Winooski Beverage (in case you want to find some for yourself). Some of my favorite brews that can be found in the variety pack depending on the season are Chamberlin Pale Ale, Old Thumper, Brewer’s Brown Ale and my absolute favorite Pumpkinhead Ale. It’s the latter that got me to fight through my haze & venture to the brewery before leaving Maine behind. At the brewery I was instantly welcomed coming through the door, it could’ve been the Pumpkinhead hoody I was wearing (purchased the night before) or the fact the girl at the counter thought she recognized me from the brewers fest. Thankfully she had me confused with someone else. She had worked the night tasting and I went during the afternoon, but it was interesting to find out that I had a doppelganger in Maine (if you are reading this me in a red hat then behave yourself better next time!). I was happy to find that they still had a small mountain of Pumpkinhead Ale and I purchased a case of it, along with a couple of 22’s of the Pugsley's Signature Series Barley Wine that I tried at the brewers fest (Amazing!) and some swag for my parents. Feeling like I had more beer then I could ever possibly need we loaded up the car and pointed towards home.