Monday, September 26, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #1


I’ve been looking forward to day one for a while now (for the past two weeks I’ve been on the road). The Cherry Cinnamon Apple Bake sounded de-licious and a nice way to start out a program that may or may not be one of the more challenging things I’ve ever decided to concur. But alas it wasn’t meant to be, cherries are currently out of season and not locally stocked in my grocery store (or at least that’s what Jaclyn told me, and I guess I’ll believe her just based off the amount she already picked up). So right off the bat we had to substitute a recipe and I’m hoping it was just a slight hiccup and this isn’t par for the course. We opted to go with Day #3 breakfast recipe of Maple Cinnamon Baked Apples and Pears. The prep time wasn’t too bad and while the apples and pears baked it gave us time to use our workout equipment (yeah that’s right, not just dieting but adding back the workouts too). It ended up timing out pretty well and when our workout concluded we were able to sit down to a nice warm breakfast. My only real complaint is we used Granny Smith apples so they were kind of tart for my taste. I would’ve preferred something a little more sweet to match the sweetness of the pear and to contrast the spiciness of the cinnamon but live and learn (we bought Fuji apples for Tuesday).

Mid-Morning Juice:

The Green Machine! Here it is Day one and we’re already off to the races trying the Green Juice so prominently featured in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. If it worked for Joe Cross and Phil Riverstone, could it work for me? I’ll admit I had a nervous excitement going as I juiced for the very first time. Using the juicer is great, it’s loud and you are shredding vegetables left and right, sort of like a wood chipper but for food! (Yes my mind drifted to Fargo, but that’s a whole other blog). But once I was done and the Green Juice was ready, I’ll admit I was a wee bit nervous. I mean, it did kind of smell like fresh grass clippings, not in a bad way but still this was my snack and it reminded me of yard work. But I had made a commitment and no one learns to run before they walk, so Jaclyn and I said our cheers and threw back our first sips of the Green Juice. I have to say, it’s not half as bad as it looks. It actually tastes very fresh and has a gingery aftertaste. And I can also say that is the most Kale I’ve ever had in my life.


Man the day was really flying by, with all the prep-time and clean up between juicing and after juicing it seemed like we moved like zombies from Mid-Morning Juice straight into lunch. Lunch today was an Arugula Spinach Salad and Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing, which was pretty tasty. I forgot how much flavor Arugula really has without drowning it in salad dressing and this was my first experience with Jicama (okay, maybe I’ve had it before but I don’t remember and I’ve never prepared it). Thanks to YouTube (love you internet) I was able to quickly learn just how to prepare the Jicama and… How to pronounce it (hē-kə-mə). I won’t mention names but I wasn’t alone on this discovery of, “Oh, I’m an idiot.” We were also supposed to have a Raw Carrot Ginger Soup with lunch but believe it or not we were quite full from the salad.

Before we started dinner we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. The weather was unseasonably warm and really nice for a stroll around the block. After our walk it was time to run to the store and collect the groceries needed for Day #2. Why didn’t you just stock up before you ask? Well, we only have so much fridge space and as you can see in the picture we are literally (Love Parks & Recreation) eating a shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables each day. After the shopping it was time to juice, blend and shred. For the Raw Carrot Ginger Soup, I needed 3 cups of carrot juice. Can anyone tell me how many carrots go into 3 cups of carrot juice? If you guessed a lot then you guessed right. It took about 16 carrots (most decent sized) to get three full cups. That was really the most time consuming part of dinner. The Steamed Snow Peas, Broccoli and Green Beans with Ginger Honey Soy Dressing wasn’t too bad (mainly because Jaclyn prepared them, Thank you) but we couldn’t make the Ginger Honey Soy Dressing until I was done with the blender. So I guess that was the only real drawback of waiting on the Raw Carrot Ginger Soup for dinner is having to multitask with the blender. Then again, if we would’ve had the soup with lunch we wouldn’t have had the same problem with trying to make the Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing at the same time. With dinner concluded we loaded up the dishwasher (yay less hand washing) with as much as we could and headed off to bed.
Day #1 Complete!

Total Cost of Diet for Two: $74.31