Friday, September 30, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #4


Day #4 started out a little different then the first three but I’m not complaining. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. The Tasty Tart Treat was fresh fruit that we had cut up the night before to make the mornings a little bit easier. I was trying to juggle too much in the mornings and the night-before prep seemed to really help. I will admit even after what I said yesterday about the healing properties of mint, the Tasty Tart Treat called for fresh mint and I was out and unwilling to return to the store again so I skipped it with this one. Never a grapefruit fan, I did find it bearable when you mixed it with the sweetness of the pineapple and kiwi. The breakfast was as advertised, a Tasty Tart Treat

Mid-Morning Juice:

Mexican-Style Jugo was the juice of the day and this one’s a keeper. It’s light and refreshing and with a twist of citrus it almost tastes like limeade but with a hint of pepper. It must be a combination of the cucumbers and the golden delicious apples that really give the juice its sweetness and make this drink thoroughly enjoyable. I hope this one comes up again during the straight juicing days, but even if it doesn’t I know I’ll be enjoying this one again.


I guess I was supposed to have the Refreshing Cucumber Salad and the Sunset Blend Juice for lunch but I didn’t have my phone on me and got confused. I ended up having my leftover Vegetable Soup with the Refreshing Cucumber Salad instead (saving the Sunset Blend Juice for the snack). This ultimately worked out for the best because as much as I enjoyed the Vegetable Soup (just as yummy as yesterday) I didn’t really enjoy the Refreshing Cucumber Salad. I found the lime and the dill to be too overpowering. I’m a big fan of cucumbers and I really like their light and refreshing flavor. I’ve had some cucumber salads in the past and really enjoyed them and I think I could enjoy this one too; I would just have to modify the recipe a little bit.

Afternoon Snack:

I couldn’t get my iPhone camera working when I was making the Sunset Blend Juice but it was quite obvious how it got its name. Not only are the Vegetables (and some fruits) you use to make this juice all different colors (it’s important to eat the rainbow of vegetables) but, when you blend them they remain layered, almost like a sunset. Jaclyn did grab her camera but the colors already started to blend together. Trust me, when you make this juice you won’t be disappointed by the sunset effect. That being said, I was kind of disappointed by the flavor - too much Beet again. It overpowered the rest, but it did do the trick and filled me up until dinner.


Tonight’s dinner came with more Sweet Potato and Carrot “Fries” so you already know I was a happy camper. The rest of the meal was Baked Zucchini with Tomatoes and Herbs, which even pleased this once heart-attack-faking-to-avoid-eating-it boy. I really look forward to the dinners every night and they’ll probably be the biggest thing I’ll miss when we go straight juice which is coming up pretty darn quick. Not trying to repeat the same mistakes as before, we prepped and made all of Day #5’s meals (minus dinner) before calling it a night. 4 a.m. just comes way too quickly and it’s nice to start the day already prepared. Another day down and only one more left until the real juicing (every time I say that or write it, I think steroids) begins.

Day #4 Complete!

Total Cost of Diet for Two: $65.33