Monday, October 17, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Summary

When I started out on this 15-Day quest, I weighed 214.6 pounds and was looking for a fresh start. Now that I’ve reached Day 16, I weigh 200.6 pounds and I’m feeling like I’m on my way. I’d never tried something as extreme before as the Reboot Standard Program as far as cutting everything out of my diet besides fruits and vegetables. I mean, I have tried the Special K Challenge and I did a month or more of the South Beach Diet, but this was the first time I’ve really made a commitment to try and change not only my temporary eating habits but my permanent ones as well. I’m not sure if it worked yet, I guess only time will tell, but I can tell you what worked about the Reboot Standard Program and what didn’t. So here we go.

The total cost of the Reboot Standard Program for both Jaclyn & I was $690.45 and all that equals is the cost of all the fresh produce and the four additional bottles needed to be able to carry the juice back and forth to work. If, like us, you don’t already own a juicer, you have to take that into account as well. We purchased the Breville Juice Fountain Plus for $143.36, which brings our grand totally to $833.81. So that means I paid about $60 a pound for my weight loss. Is this too steep? I’ll let you be the judge, but I know not everyone could afford this program and that’s one of the things I was curious about going into it. They make it sound like this is a very easily accessible program and the cold hard reality is, it’s not inexpensive to eat this way.

Before you start this, ask yourself: are you willing to spend the next 15 Days doing nothing but this? If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, then please re-evaluate your situation before you begin. Now, I can only speak from my own experience, but this diet is time consuming. Maybe you’ll get away with shopping a little less than I did or maybe you’re better in the kitchen so you’ll get your meals prepared faster, but I doubt it. It’s difficult to juggle your work, home life and this diet and that’s if you do have the support of a spouse to help you along. If you’re also trying to manage kids, I can only imagine it getting harder. Here’s my reality: Jaclyn is a full time student so she has a little bit more free time then I do. I work 10-hour shifts 4 days a week, plus had a weekend drill during the 15 days so out of 15 days I worked 10 of them. Jaclyn was kind enough to do most of the shopping (thank you so much) but we prepped the meals together. And by meals, I mean we would make Dinner for the current day and then the Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snack, Lunch and Afternoon Snack for the following days because we’d both be away from home. That means the majority of the time we were making five different meals a night, which took two hours most nights, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter depending on the meals. Jaclyn also has a crazy Thursday built into her schedule so that meant Thursday night (luckily just the first one) I was making five meals on my own. If your situation is different, then don’t worry so much about this, making the meals on the days off was a cinch, but if you like most people have to work, be prepared.

Working Out:
Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t just change my eating habits, I got myself up every morning and got my butt on the treadmill. My shift starts at 6:00 a.m. and doesn’t end until 4:30 p.m. and with the two hours of making meals factored in that meant my wake up time was now 4:00 a.m. Why so early? I could either use the elliptical for 30 minutes or the treadmill for 30 minutes so I could work out at least six days a week (one day off for recovery). And because it took so long to prepare all the meals and then do all of the dishes, I didn’t have time to work out at night. Once again, maybe you’re schedule is more flexible than mine, maybe you can find time to work out during your normal day, but I couldn’t and working out is equally as important to the diet.

So what happens now you may ask? Well I've started the Insanity workout program and I'm still monitoring my calorie intake using Lose it! I've noticed that even if I plan on not eating a lot of fruits and veggies, my body has other plans and it still craves them. So although I might not be eating 100% fruits and vegetables, I am still eating a whole lot of them throughout the day. As I write this I am still actively losing weight and will talk more about the workout program I'm trying at a later date. I hope my sixteen blogs gave you some insight into what it took to go through the Reboot Standard Program and if you do find yourself wanting some information, please feel free to ask.