Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Inscription

In the beginning... Ok not quite the beginning but about as close to the beginning as I have a written record of, I graduated high school (like I said not quite the beginning). After graduation I left Vermont, my home of 19 years to start the grandiose adventure that has become my life. As I took my first step off of the stoop of my parents colonial style home, my mother, eyes wrapped in tears handed me a fresh traveler's journal and my Curious George stuffed animal that I had had since my first breath on this planet (which I no longer have, you know who you are, give him back!) I set forth on the open road like Kerouac before me and opened the traveler's journal to scribe my first thoughts. But to my surprise I found I would not be the first to caress this journal's virgin pages for staring back at me was the following inscription:

June 2000

Dear Travis,

As you begin your journey today I watch you go with a full heart. From the minute I knew I was expecting a child I've loved you. I'm excited for you that you have this opportunity to travel and begin your life. I will miss you a little and look forward to our first visit. I know you are wondering why I will only miss you a little. It is because we will talk often and I will see you before you know if. Be true to yourself and trust your instincts. Remember, if you're reaching for the stars you'll never come up with a handful of mud. I am very proud of you, you've taught me a lot.

All my love,

...My adventures haven't carried me to where I would like to be yet Mom but I'm still reaching. I dedicate this blog to all of those who have helped me aspire to be the very thing that this blog will create, a writer...