Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vermont Brewery Tour Part II

Okay let’s start this out the right way this time…

So what seems like a lifetime ago, but in reality only a couple of months, my wife and I embarked on a mission to finally complete the Vermont Brewery Tour. Armed with our passports we set out to hit every brewery on the list, and I was going to blog about each visit to keep a running tally of our exploits. Well two things happened, one, we did make it to all of the breweries (yes!) and two I got too caught up in the experience and my own slacking to blog about it (no!). But this time, now with four brand spanking new Vermont Breweries, I must saddle up and return to the dusty trail once again visiting each brewery and this time blog about each visit. So without further ado… THE VERMONT BREWERY CHALLENGE 2010