Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #6


And let the juicing begin… Today started without my morning tea, which was hard because lucky me, a cold was going around the shop and… I caught it. I’m a little worried about how I’m going to survive this while I’m sick, but I just keep thinking about all the healthy nutrients my body will be absorbing and trust that will be enough. Hopefully the exercising will tire me out enough to sleep, and I can leave the Nyquil on the shelf. But I digress. Todays’ day started with a 30-minute elliptical weight loss work out followed by a hot mug of water with lemon (didn’t sound as appealing to me as tea, but eh). The lemon water wasn’t too bad actually and kinda felt good in my throat, but I’m sorry, I bet you want to hear about the juice right? Breakfast was Purple Power Juice and when I was making it the night before I was really excited about it. I mean, 6 cups of Concord grapes: how could this not be good? Well, I used the recommended 2 2 x2” pieces of ginger and that’s how. It came out really gingery and lost the grape flavor almost completely. I was pretty bummed about this. I’d used the promise of a delicious grape juice to convince myself this wouldn’t be so bad, and right out of the gate I stumbled. Oh well. Note to self: next time maybe less ginger.

Mid-Morning Juice:
The second juice of the day was Green Lemonade. Now this wasn’t so bad; the lemon gave it a crisp tart flavor and hid the spinach and kale. This wasn’t sweet lemonade by any stretch of the imagination but still, as a fan of lemon I can’t complain.

Third juice of the day was the ABCs (no I didn’t have to recite the alphabet you jokers). There was one flaw in the otherwise tasty recipe and that was beets (beets, why’d it have to be beets). I’ve found a food that I absolutely abhor, a flavor that even the slightest hint of makes me instantly dry heave and wish that I could curl up and die (or maybe just fake a heart attack to those of you following along). I’m just not a fan of these root vegetables and as they’re a staple of this diet, Houston we might have a problem.   

Ah, the cheater meal. I say cheater not because I broke the diet or did something dishonest, but because I don’t have to make this one. I can just pluck a can of Coconut Water from the store shelf and drink it; sweet simplicity and laziness at its finest. After stressing last night to get all these juices prepared, I’ll take whatever time I can slack. I’m quickly learning that this diet and a 40-hour workweek is difficult to balance. Difficult, but not impossible, and that’s why I continue. As Doctor Steve Brule would say, “For your health.”

Tonight’s dinner menu featured a repeat from Day #2 (and not one that I particularly cared for if you remember right): V28. Oh V28, I think you could be really great if only you didn’t suffer from the same problem as lunch… Too… Much… Beet! I’m sorry if I sound like I’m beating (guffaw) a dead horse, but it’s me or beets and at this point I’m not sure who will win. I really almost lost it this time trying to choke down the V28. I know it’s a mental thing, but tell that to my taste buds.  I’ve decided to look for a beet alternative, and not risk blowing the six days I already have under my belt. Jaclyn made it back home before I did and was kind enough to make our juices for tomorrow, leaving me time to relax and enjoy a nice steam shower and try to beat (aha) this darn cold.

Day #6 Complete!

Total Cost of Diet for Two: See Day #5