Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #7

Waking up on the second day of juicing, I didn’t feel half as bad as I expected to. Honestly, I didn’t feel bad at all. I did my morning exercises, hit the shower and then it was time for the Minty-Fresh Berry juice that I thought was a little too minty last time. Guess what? This time it was just damn good. The mint was refreshing in the morning and the berry after-taste was more than pleasant. I’m never a fan of rising early (especially on Saturdays) but it was a drill weekend (I have to work one weekend a month in the military) and I had to head off to work. My cold still had me down a little bit but the workout and the Minty-Fresh Berry really seemed to at least get me out the door.

Mid-Morning Juice:
By mid-morning I had already worked up an appetite and the Refreshing Fennel-Pear was just that, refreshing. Somehow when Jaclyn made it she managed to make the black licorice flavor more subtle. The two flavors blended together well and gave me that little boost of energy needed to help get me by until lunch. Refreshing Fennel-Pear just might be a keeper.

After the success of breakfast and the mid-morning juice I was on cloud nine, this day was working out quite well. Unfortunately, it was about time I was grounded again. This batch of Green Lemonade was super bitter (I felt like an old Keystone Light commercial when I took a sip) but I pushed through it and managed to get it all down. Well, almost all of it. That was a good thing as well since when I dumped out the last little bit of the juice what did I find? An M&M: I had been sabotaged! One of my “friends” thought it would be funny to see if I’d miss it and drink the candy, therefore voiding my diet and the sacrifices that I’ve already made. I should’ve known better than to leave my juice sitting around, but still that prank would’ve really bummed me out and given me an easy out to crack a beer and enjoy some of the great BBQ that was going to be offered tonight. Oh Weapons BBQ (Weapons is the shop I belong to in the military) why did I have to miss you? But I did find the M&M and the diet continues!

Not much to say about the mid-afternoon besides more Coconut Juice and it’s always a tasty treat. I can’t believe I picked on a guy in my shop for drinking this before. It’s actually pretty tasty and once again, since I don’t have to make it, I love it!

Tonight is the dinner juice that almost wasn’t. Thankfully when you follow the recipe for Lemon Lime it actually makes enough for two servings (a serving size for juice is 16 ounces). It’s kinda funny actually because I was the one making it and for some reason I started with the third ingredient which is Asian Pears. Maybe that’s because pears are delicious? I don’t know, but once I skipped the lemon and lime I continued down that path until I had already juiced everything else I needed to and poured a glass for myself. Then the light bulb clicked: I hadn’t quite figured out what I’d done wrong yet but I knew something wasn’t adding up. I brought my iPad (a little helper in the kitchen) back to life and looked at the name of the juice again: Lemon Lime. Then it dawned on me, how could you have Lemon Lime juice without a lemon or a lime in it? Answer: you can’t. Thankfully the second batch was made correctly and I was able to have some of the citrus my body so badly needs (vitamin C baby). Lemon Lime wasn’t too bad, but probably not one of my favorites. I’ll let you know after it comes around again. And with that, I had survived my second day of just juicing and my head cold.

Day # 7 Complete!
Total Cost of Diet for Two: $72.75*
*This is actually the cost for days #7 & #8