Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #12

With my first day back on solid foods behind me it was time to press forward and move on towards Day #15 which is and has been the ultimate goal. Today started with the Great Green Fruit Blend, a drink that looks much better in its pre-blended state but tastes so good you can ignore the off-putting baby poop green color. It’s a fruit smoothie at its best, sweet and delicious and an all around great way to start out your day. “But Travis, this is a smoothie not a solid meal,” you might be saying to yourself. I know, I know but I’m trying not to be so cynical after last night’s flair up (read all about it in the Day #11 Blog) and honestly it’s a darn good smoothie. Pressing on…   
Mid-Morning Juice:
The Apple-Cabbage-Carrot-Swiss Chard-Ginger-Lemon (is a mouthful to say or type) mid-morning juice was well… It was pretty full of both ginger and lemon flavor, so much so it pretty much drowned out everything else. Usually I enjoy lemon quite a bit but this wasn’t the good kind of lemon flavor, this was the sting your throat, pucker your lips lemon flavor. Mixed with the ginger it was almost obnoxious. I followed the recipe to a T without any substitutions or changes so I’m just guessing this is one of those juices that wont be a keeper for me. And honestly I am a little burnt out from juice (sixty days! How is that possible?). So with a heavy heart and pure determination I threw my head back and gulped the rest down. At least lunch isn’t a liquid one (I remember when that meant alcohol).

The Pumpkin Potato Bake was just as tasty as it was the day before, possibly even better (something about it sitting made it taste even more like pie minus the crust of course). I also realized that tonight I would be dining solo and I was feeling lazy and eating lunch kinda late (busy day at the ol’ office) so I opted to save the Green Salad and Dressing I already had and used what was supposed to be my afternoon snack (Fresh Summer Veggie Mix part deux) as the second half of my lunch. I was able to fill up nicely with the mix of the warm Pumpkin Potato Bake and the cool Fresh Summer Veggie Mix and hardly even missed my salad.

Afternoon Snack:

The nightmare continued into Day #12 with Eggplant once again rearing its ugly head. Tonight’s meal was Roasted Veggies – Mushroom, Eggplant, Sweet Potato, and Kale. Recently I’ve discovered I’m not such a big fan of mushroom so that combined with my hatred of eggplant and the fact I was dining alone did wonders for my mood. The good thing I can say is it took maybe ten minutes to prepare this meal and twenty minutes to roast the veggies, so I had that going for me. Plus since my dad was home for a visit I had some company while I forced down roasted veggies. Honestly, they weren’t as bad as last nights Kale-Zucchini Stir Fry because at least tonight, thanks to all the spices (Paprika, Black Pepper, Mustard Seed, Cumin) and garlic, there was flavor. Or maybe it was because my Dad was sitting right there and I wanted to eat my veggies like a big boy. I guess the world will never know. It was also nice to have a pre-made salad and to not have to worry about making two things. This also marked my last day of having to balance work and the diet so smooth sailing from here on out… Probably.

Day #12 Complete!
Total Cost of Diet for Two: $48.71*
*This is actually the cost of Day #12 and ½ of Day #13