Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #13

Today was the first day of a four-day weekend (hells yeah) and I have to admit we got kind of a late start. Okay, in reality we were still up by 7 a.m. because I had to give my Dad a ride to the base so he could head home. But after that is where we got all sorts of lazy (much deserved if you ask me) and laid around watching my favorite genre of movie, horror! It is October after all and time to start loading up on the horror movies if not the candy that usually goes with Halloween. Speaking of candy, today’s breakfast wasn’t quite that sweet but was pretty close. The Melon Mania was a nice mix of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon and a nice way to start off our lazy Friday together. I’m not sure if it paired up with Hellraiser & HellBound: Hellraiser II but it worked for me. 

Mid-Morning Juice:
Today’s mid-morning juice was supposed to be the Sunset Blend Juice, which would’ve meant a return of the beets (yes we had them back in stock), but because of the late breakfast and the movies, we ended up skipping over the mid-morning juice and went directly to lunch (do not pass go, do not collect $200).

The Roasted Veggies from Day #12 made their less than triumphant return. In other words, the love affair had ended and once again I was at odds with eggplant, but hey you can’t really like all the veggies right? You have to be able to still hate some. The Green Salad w/ Sundried Tomato Dressing on the other hand was fantastic. It added an almost tomato sauce taste to the salad that made my mouth water. I actually started to eat slowly (a rarity for me) so I could savor the taste. This was clearly a keeper and something I can see us making again in the future and was almost the cure for the marina sauce I had been craving since Day #2.

Afternoon Snack:
Kale Chips… Really? Okay, I’ll be honest, we just skipped this entirely. Enough kale is enough, maybe they were good, I’ll never know.

Before I could even start our dinner we realized that we had to make or purchase organic vegetable broth for the Squash & Apple Soup. I knew I wasn’t running to the store and Jaclyn didn’t really want to either (turns out Jaclyn would run out anyway for onions, bummer) so I opted to make the broth myself. Thanks to a quick Google search I was off and running in no time. I wanted to take a picture of the broth once it was done because I was so proud of myself (what, I’ve never made a veggie broth before) but I was also hungry and anxious to get the dinner started. Jaclyn makes a Butternut Squash Soup that’s pretty tasty so I was kind of looking forward to having the Squash & Apple Soup (we already had a left over acorn squash so we used that instead of butternut). Plus we had made extra servings of the Green Salad w/ Sundried Tomato Dressing when we made lunch earlier so that part of dinner was already done. The Squash & Apple Soup was fair, a little bland for my taste but that could just be the difference between chicken broth and vegetable broth or maybe between acorn and butternut squash, I’m not sure. I do know the hint of apple was a nice taste and the soup was warm so not a total waste. And yes, the Sundried Tomato Dressing once again lived up to its hype and was really awesome for the second time. So with dinner done and our tea steeping we had made it through another day.

Day #13 Complete! 

Total Cost of Diet for Two: $8.75*
*Also see Day #12