Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #11

It was time to eat some really real food (not that juices were not real but I get to chew!) and this morning’s meal choice was a Berry Bowl, which actually sounded great. I mean, fresh berries; who can complain about that right? Expecting to hear a complaint now after that set up? Well, not this time, I was in heaven… Okay not quite, my jaw popped disturbingly like an old mummy gasping for the first time in a millennia, but I did manage to remember how to chew properly after that and enjoyed my non-juice breakfast immensely. I have to say when I first watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I realized that it must be hard to maintain an all juice diet for sixty days straight, but after only having to do it for five days I have a renewed respect for Joe Cross and Phil Riverstone. Sixty days is nothing short of a herculean feat and my hat’s off to both you gentlemen and anyone else who managed to reach the sixty-day mark. Maybe I’ll be able to attempt it someday but you have to learn to walk before you run, right?     

Mid-Morning Juice:
My first day of non-juicing continued with… Wait, what the f#ck???  Apple-Beet-Carrot Juice! Another juice? I don’t know if I can handle that yet. Five days of nothing but juice and these sadistic bastards have me drinking yet another juice, what gives… After I calmed myself down a minute and sipped on my juice (it was actually modified again, missing beets) I realized this was just par for the course. The first five days had juicing so why wouldn’t the last five? I was being a prima donna and I needed to chill (and no, a Snickers Bar wasn’t an option). Once again this juice was missing its base and really needed a beet to round out the sweetness.

For my first warm meal in days, the Pumpkin Potato Bake was a tasty treat. I’ve had pumpkin pie before and pumpkin beer but that ends my adventures in consuming pumpkin. I thought they were a squash meant primarily for pies around Thanksgiving and to carve faces into for Halloween. I had no idea you could really do anything else with them, besides flavor beer that is (ah Shipyard I do miss ya). But this mix of pumpkin and sweet potato was naturally sweet, rich and delicious. This is what I was talking about; this is how to welcome your pallet back into the world of food.

Afternoon Snack:
I wasn’t quite as excited for the Fresh Summer Veggie Mix because I’ve never really been a tomato fan. Sure I love just about everything you can do with tomatoes but I don’t like their raw form. And the Fresh Summer Veggie Mix was pretty much tomato and cucumber with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, something that I’ve seen Jaclyn eat in the past with maybe some cottage cheese. So I’m sure to most of you without a tomato phobia this actually doesn’t sound that bad and honestly it wasn’t.  It was a nice change from just a regular salad and much nicer to eat tomato and cucumber than to just drink it. 

Going into this diet I heard Jaclyn and I should be careful around each other that tempers could flare and we could end up fighting about dumb stuff, but here we are on the home stretch and we haven’t even come close to fisticuffs. Enter Kale-Zucchini Stir Fry and the evilness that is eggplant (I’m sorry if we’re friends and you like eggplant, I don’t think we can be friends anymore). We sat down to our “wonderful” meal, the first dinner we’d had since Day #5, and dug into our bland flavorless food as the anger built. My Dad was currently in town visiting, something that usually equals meals together, wonderfully decadent things like Chinese food from Men at Wok (my favorite take-out Chinese) and maybe a beer or two while we catch up. But this visit meant my Dad was dining at Men at Wok solo and Jaclyn and I were going to eat a Kale-Zucchini Stir Fry and then prepare the meals for the next day. We both balked at the stir-fry opting to starve rather than finish it and ate nothing but our Green Basil Salad and Dressing (we used the Ginger Honey Soy from Day #1). After the salad, it was time to prepare the meals for the next day… Let’s get ready to rumble! I tripped over a pair of her shoes on the way back to washing dishes and it was on like Donkey Kong before either of us could say crazy food cravings. Luckily, we stared at each other with hate in our eyes long enough to burst out laughing, realizing we weren’t mad at each other, just getting burnt out from the diet and craving Chinese food. We hugged it out like professionals and completed the next days meals, for tomorrow is yet another day… Of dieting…

Day #11 Complete (barely)!
Totally Cost of Diet for Two: $62.59