Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #14

I enjoyed starting my day yesterday with Melon Mania and honestly a repeat breakfast today wasn’t that disappointing. Fresh melon is always a treat and this time we mixed it up and actually cut it into little cubes so it could be more like a fruit salad. We still excluded the optional mint, but only because we needed it for Day #15 (yeah that’s right, we’re almost there) and we didn’t really want to go back to the store unless it was absolutely necessary.

Mid-Morning Juice:
So something about these days off just makes it next to impossible to eat/drink all five meals. And with our morning walk, we really didn’t have time to have all five of them so something had to go, and that something was the Beet, Celeriac, Carrot Juice. I know, I know, I missed yesterday’s juice too but I had a really good reason today. I didn’t have celeriac and I wasn’t going to the store, I wanted to get a work out in (bet you thought I was going to say I hate beets). The walk was very enjoyable though and that led right into lunch.

Wanting to kill two birds with one stone, once again we made our lunch portion of Green Salad as well as the dinner portion. That way when it comes time for dinner we just have to make the dinner meal, do the dishes and relax. The only problem being we ran out of ingredients for the dinner portion (guess we’re going to the store anyway, sigh). Looking ahead, the afternoon snack was fresh veggies and called for a Honey Mustard Vinaigrette so we also prepared that.  In addition to the Green Salad, we had the left over portion of Squash & Apple Soup from Day #13, and much like the day before it was pretty bland with a hint of apple sweetness. Today we used the optional ground black pepper to add a little something to the taste, and it worked… Sort of.

Afternoon Snack:
The Crunch & Munch afternoon snack worked perfectly to watch some of our weekly shows while we ate. Hulu Plus (shameless plug) allows us to watch our favorite shows when we want and not when they’re on and without a cable subscription, it’s awesome (I warned you, shameless plug). But all kidding aside it was nice to snack on some carrots sticks, celery and even broccoli but I relied heavily on the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette to make it through the cauliflower; still not a fan.

With our Green Salad already prepared (minus the lettuce we added after the store run) it was nice to only have to worry about making the Corn & Tomato Salsa, which was pretty easy in general to make. I only wish we had a sharper knife to cut the corn of the cob, but that’s another story. Once the salsa was prepared we actually sat down to watch our shows (and enjoyed our afternoon snack) because the salsa needed to sit in the fridge for at least an hour. Jaclyn decided that she had liked the Sundried Tomato Dressing from Day #13 so much that she was going to make up some more for our dinner. I do have to say that tonight’s dinner was pretty fantastic. The Corn & Tomato Salsa was very tasty and reminded me of a dish my sister-in-law makes and the Sundried Tomato Dressing in our Green Salad was equally delicious. Overall a pretty tasty day for one of the last days of the Reboot, and honestly I think I really needed that to remind myself that vegetables can be a bigger part of my diet without eating foods that I dislike. And with that (and a cup of tea) Day #14 came to a close and all that’s left is one… more… day!!!

Day #14 Complete!
Total Cost of Diet for Two: $55.98*
*This is actually the cost of Days #14 & #15