Monday, October 10, 2011

Reboot Standard Program Day #15

Waking up this morning, I already had a smile on my face. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. Because it’s Day #15, the final day of the Reboot Standard Plan: we had made it! I’m not saying it was easy the whole time (for you following along, you know what I mean) but today was the day. Time to look back at Day #1 and see how far we had come. But before I could do all of that, I had to eat breakfast.

Today’s breakfast was a delectable throwback from Day #2, the Blackberry Kiwi Blend. Now for those following along at home (thank you very much by the way) I might’ve complained a little bit about the amount of mint that goes into the Blackberry Kiwi Blend (just a tad). This time however I have zero complaints. The fresh mint added a little zing to the berry flavor and was a great way to start my last day on the diet. This smoothie is also pretty easy to make so I can see continuing to use this recipe even after I get more choice in what I’m going to eat. I do have to say though, for the calorie conscious this smoothie packs a wallop coming in at just shy of 500 calories (499 according to my Lose it! App). That’s why after breakfast it was off for our morning walk to burn some of those calories up. 

Mid-Morning Juice:
Ah the mid-morning juice, I’ve kind of missed out on this mid-meal snack the last couple of days (missed on Days #13 & #14). But today, the last day of the Standard Reboot Plan, I wasn’t going to miss it! So while we enjoyed our tasty morning smoothie and before our morning walk, we took the time to also make our Apple-Cantaloupe-Honeydew-Kale-Swiss Chard Juice, that way we could enjoy it after the walk (it also let us run the dishwasher before showering; smart thinking). I have to say, the look of the Apple-Cantaloupe-Honeydew-Kale-Swiss Chard Juice was less than appealing; it kinda looked like water from a mud puddle but the flavor was amazing. The melon flavor came through the foggy brown liquid strongly and was really refreshing after our 5.36-mile jaunt. My only regret is we had to wait this long to enjoy such a wonderful juice; this one I’m adding to the keep list.

Just like yesterday, I made not only our lunch Green Salad but our dinner Green Salad as well (I hate doing dishes and love saving time). And paired once again with the Corn & Tomato Salsa (also from Day #14) I knew this was going to be a delicious lunch. Once again, the dressing was our choice and we chose to use the last remaining servings of the fantastic Sundried Tomato Dressing. I see these salads becoming a bigger part of our daily lives. They don’t really take that long to prepare and it helps you with portion control, something I’ll need to practice once I have free reign over what goes into my body. The Corn & Tomato Salsa will also be added to our recipe book.  It’s not hard to prepare and was as good on day two as it was when we first made it. I can see the Corn & Tomato Salsa being a tasty dish to pair with either fish tacos or our ground turkey ones and also aid with the meat to vegetable ratio on my plate.

Afternoon Snack:
Grapes & Greens was the afternoon snack, greens being the Kale chips from Day #13 that I didn’t make. So the snack was grapes, and grapes are grapes so what more can I say? Okay, I can say I opted for the purple variety and they were nice to snack on while watching some TV.

Having already made the Green Salad earlier, Jaclyn offered to make the last meal, Veggie Stir-Fry and give me time to get caught up on some reading (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). I obliged and two chapters in was our vegetable overload dinner. I say overload because it looked crazy to have two pasta bowls full to the brim with so many veggies but honestly they were darn good! For a salad dressing we used up the last of the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Day #14) and it added pretty much all of the calories to the giant salad we ate. Pretty impressive you can eat that big of a salad and stay under 50 calories (until you add the dressing). The stir-fry was tasty and reminded me of what Jaclyn used to make when we first got together all those many years ago. I guess the only difference was the veggies were fresh instead of frozen and the sauce was homemade… And we didn’t eat it with rice or chicken, which in the future I could see at least adding some brown rice to round out the meal. And then with that last bite, it was over. We had made it through all 15 Days of the Reboot Standard Program. I can say it was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, but I’m very happy that we made it this far.

Day 15 Complete!
Total Cost of Diet for Two: See Day #14