Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #9

Last time I made the Purple Power Juice I used too much ginger and totally overpowered the grape/blackberry flavor. This time I’m happy to report with cutting back a little of my ginger overkill I was able to make a very yummy grape juice with a hint of ginger, not the purple fire water I managed to make last time. This helped to start the day off right. Also, stepping on the scale and seeing even more weight gone helped as well. Purple Power Juice, thanks for making my morning start out great!

Mid-Morning Juice
The mid morning juice was also a repeat of Apple-Carrot-Beet only this time with a twist. Okay, the twist was that even though we had come to terms with beets, we were out of them and took it as a sign it was time to substitute. So with an extra apple and two carrots, Apple-Carrot-Beet became, well, Apple-Carrot. Not quite as exciting a title but a juice that was sweet and tasty and 100% old moldy basement taste free. Beets, I hardly missed ya.

Lunch Juice:
They must have known that by day #3 you’d be pulling your hair out because the lunch juice was another tasty treat. The Great Green Fruity Mix is a keeper. It almost tastes like pure strawberry juice. If it wasn’t for the Kale, it probably would but the Kale hardly takes away with its mild grassy flavor. The sweetness of the pear, golden-delicious apple, coconut juice and strawberries win out over the two cups of kale. Today is all about sweet; it’s as if they custom made it to fit my sweet tooth.

It was coconut juice time and yes I had the Vita Coco brand and actually sort of liked it. It’s just too bad that Jaclyn already bought a bunch of the Goya so what can I do. Guess I’ll just have to drink the sweeter one.

Evening Juice:
Also a repeat was the Mexican-Style Jugo, which sort of tastes like a Margarita if you forgot the salt and tequila and added a little fresh chili pepper for good measure. In other words, I really like it. Maybe someday out there I will add a little tequila just to try it out but for now I’ll just enjoy it as is. Tomorrow marks the last day juicing and the last leg of the diet plan. Together we made tomorrows juices minus dinner which means tomorrow night we mix our last juice that’s part of the 5-day juice plan. I can’t tell you how excited I am to chew again, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself because tomorrow is another day.    

Day #9 Complete!
Total Cost of Diet for Two: $85.31*
*This is actually the cost for days #9 and #10