Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reboot Standard Plan Day #10

Honestly, this last week has been pretty busy trying to juggle the diet, my father visiting, work and blogging. Something had to give and I had come way too far on the diet to give up, so I slacked on blogging. I do apologize that these entries are tardy, but I think the important part (and I hope you agree) is that I remained diligent with the diet and kept it going even when it got rough (oh it got rough). So without further adieu… Day #10, the very last day of straight juicing!

Breakfast Juice:
I woke up already in a great mood; it was the last day I’d have to drink nothing but juice all day long. I wondered what wonderful foods lay ahead of me (I don’t look ahead on the diet, just take it day by day) but first I had to just make it one more day. The morning juice was Blackberry Kiwi, a refreshing blend of berries, sweet fruits and mint (yes I’ve made my peace with mint now). It was quite tasty and was a sweet treat to enjoy after my morning workout.

Mid-Morning Juice:
Although I wasn’t new to the idea of fennel (you know I’m not a fan of black licorice) and I had enjoyed the previous fennel drink (Day #5’s Fennel-Pear) the idea of Spinach-Fennel-Cucumber did not excite me. I have to say after drinking it, I was right; it’s not my favorite. It had the acrid taste that you can get sometimes from spinach and then a very defined black licorice flavor. Needless to say I’m not a fan and if I never have to “enjoy” another Spinach-Fennel-Cucumber juice it will be too soon.

Lunch Juice:
The lunch was a repeat from Day #4 the Sunset Blend Juice that I had previously complained had too much beet flavor and not enough of the other flavors. Well, now that we learned to skin our beets before adding them to the drinks I wasn’t as concerned with the over-beet saturation. Little did I know we were out of beets and this would actually turn into a modified Sunset Blend Juice sans beets. Yeah, we were lazy and didn’t feel like running back out to the store. I mean really, one store run a night for fresh veggies should be enough, right? Did I forget to mention in order to maintain this diet you’d be shopping almost every night? If you’re lucky you’ll get to go every other night, but you’ve got to be able to keep those fruits and veggies fresh or there’s no point. Anyway, back to the juice. Believe it or not, I missed the beets… Without their “earthy” taste it left the juice too sweet and hard to drink. I choked it down but it wasn’t pleasant. It needed a base, and that base was beets… Go Figure!  

Mid-afternoon was the same as the rest of the juicing days, a 16 oz unsweetened Coconut Water (semi-unsweetened anyway, we had nothing but Goya left). But I think it’s important to also point out during this journey you need to increase your water intake as well (just water not coconut water). I usually carry my 32 oz Camelbak water bottle with me (BPA free of course) and refill it at least once throughout the day, bringing my water intake to about eight 8-oz glasses a day (which I guess is called the 8 x 8 rule, who knew?). Drinking this much water does help me feel fuller and gives me extra exercise because I’m always running to the bathroom…

Evening Juice:
Ah, the last juice of the all juice part of the diet! It’s something new and with a name like Gazpacho Juice it sounds exciting! I mean, Gazpacho is pretty much like a salsa soup, right? This is going to be so great, and I can’t wait to… Wait, how much onion? Okay this kinda tastes a lot like onion. I can do this though; it’s not too bad, I just kinda have to sip on it… This juice was exciting, but not in a good way. I think the ¼ red onion made it sort of an endurance test. Can I stomach this or will I throw up? Well, like most food challenges I made it through (In the case of this Man Vs. Juice, man wins!). I can’t say my partner in crime had such a time with it but that’s her story to tell. So with the rough slide into home plate that is Gazpacho Juice, we made it though five days of juicing and tomorrow brings on a new day, a day with solid food. Huzzah!

Day #10 Complete!

Total Cost of Diet for Two: See Day #9